About us

MagicVideoArchive is a smart magic video database.

Youtube is with its 82 million videos the largest video database on internet. It’s a great amount. But sometimes, when you try to find something in particular, there will be a lot of videos in your search feed that won’t inspire you a bit.

And that is why we created MagicVideoArchive. Magicians gather here to create a database of their top favourite magic videos, sort them in categories, share them with others and talk about them.

We feature great magicians who share the videos that inspire them the most, so other magicians can watch them and get inspired as well.

We also care about the quality of the magic performed in the videos and since we are picky, we are trying to feature only very good magic.

Definitely let us know if you come across a video that you think should not be on MagicVideoArchive. Have fun exploring and if you think on the other hand, that there is a video that should be on MagicVideoArchive and it’s not, don’t hesitate to add it.

All registered users get mana points for their activity on MagicVideoArchive. For everything, from commenting, rating or just watching, to adding new videos. You are also getting mana points if other users watch and like videos you add, so the better videos you add, the more mana points you earn.

We are holding contests on regular basis, so the more fun you have, the bigger chance you have to win.

Thank you for coming to play and share the art of magic with the world.