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Rocco Silano: Chan-Tatachan, España 1992.
Lance Burton - Magician - The Royal Variety Performance - November 1989
Joseph Gabriel. Dove Act. Eight min of Hapiness.

Added videos

Ana Yang Gazillion Bubble Show
David Blaine: Real or Magic with Harrison Ford
David Blaine: Street Magic (1996)
Tommy Wonder - Cups and Balls
Lance Burton Magic Cups And Balls
Gazzo, Street Magic, Bath England
Norm Nielsen manipulation act
Silvan Doves Act 1957. Ch de M
David Copperfield - After hours fires of passion.
David Copperfield - Interlude
Smoothini: Bar Magician Flies Through Amazing Tricks - America's Got Talent 2014
Ruby Cody Montreal - Just for laughs - Lippes Lachmix