Theater Performance

Recording of an entire Theater performance or a part of a theater performance where was magic used (Doug Henning in The Merlin musical, Teller's The Tempest, etc.).

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Card to Mouth by Jeff Hobson
Egg Bag by Jeff Hobson
Paul Gordon - The Ultimate Transposition Card Trick from Quidnunc
Paul Daniels Levitation Trick
Rocco Silano: Chan-Tatachan, España 1992.
Lance Burton
Rocco Silano 1990, italian TV with interview
Yann Frisch - FISM 2015 - Most Original Act
Lance Burton - Candle Magic
Lance Burton - Magician - The Royal Variety Performance - November 1989
ACAAN by Asi Wind (Live at the Magic Castle)
John Archer  Penn & Teller Fool Us
Pop Haydn--The Teleportation Device
Rick Thomas - The Bird Act