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Facebook Video: https://facebook.com/debjitmagic/videos/942716182523863/
Giveaway Rules - Go to the Facebook video above, Comment below it if the trick worked or not and Share it on your Wall.

Just take your finger and follow along as DJ tries to interactively predict the Snack YOU end on! Remember, DJ will predict the Snack you'll land on and not the one you chose initially :)

Step 1: Put your finger on any snack and spell your name in either direction.
Step 2: Lastly, move anticlockwise as many times as the number which appears above the snack you landed on.

Food used for the magic trick:
Fries, Ice cream, Hotdog, Donut, Pizza, Cheeseballs, Burger.

Connect with DJ on —
Facebook: https://facebook.com/debjitmagic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/debjitmagic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/debjitmagic

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